Feb. 8th, 2010

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Let's see. I managed to do my homework for my online course in an hour. Whew... at least it's finished. The quality might suck, but I'm just relieved it's done for now.

What I want accomplished by the end of Monday:
- Ethics homework
- Stats homework
- E bio homework
- Criminology homework
- phone call to RFB&D
- phone call to AW @ Kish to schedule tests for Ethics & Stats
- phone call to BookShare
- fax proof of disability
- phone call to NFB to send in cane for one that is the right size
- phone call to social security
- phone call to family services
- visit to Star Properties for 1 bedroom apartment availability
- cash check from Courtney
- write check for water bill and gas bill
- find out about Judo club on NIU campus
- phone call to G doc

So much to do in so little time... Still I am content... Gotta take the dog out and go to bed. G'night!
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My Valentine's Day will never be the same after the shooting that took place at NIU my freshman year. How could I possibly be happy on a day when five lives were brutally taken? My freshman year of college will never be forgotten because of February 14, 2008. Forward, together, forward... I can only imagine what those who were close to the five victims must feel on this day.

I've finally figured out what's going on with my Bookshare and RFB&D accounts. Passwords and usernames have been retrieved. I did, however, find out that neither have proof of disability. GR! I need to find tutorials on how to use both services. Anyone want to be a mentor? I would greatly appreciate step by step assistance.

Phone calls have been made. Homework still needs to be done. Busy day.... It doesn't help that I'm on Mother Nature's shitlist either... Tomorrow will be epic.


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