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Yeah, you'd think I'd be sick of writing. Why can't research papers be like blogging? I'd have 10 pages down pat in like 3 hours. I'm in a hole, yes. But I think I can stay here if I work my ass off for the remaining week I am here. Maybe then I wont have to move all my shit out. I am so extremely nervous. Gag - I'm a horrible person. I'm all talk and no action. When am I going to fix that?

I bought a capo for my guitar. It's surprisingly easier than I thought it would be to use. It's fun to change the key to everything I play. *smile*

Today was dull due to my late rising at 2:15 PM. Stupid me... I could've accomplished a lot more. I was already late for class so I didn't go. I think the teacher pretty much hates my guts. I need to email him. Ah well... I had dinner with Sarah and Z, a girl I met through Sarah. We had an interesting conversation.

I am also thinking about a lot of other things. I need to get a grip before this semester is over.
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Friday Nov. 21

I woke up later than I expected. You can't blame me for actually sleeping. Next thing I knew, Andrea was pounding on my window. We left Dekalb at 9 AM. Suckage..... We pulled into Elburn train station at 9:25 just in time to see the train pull away.  I fell asleep in the train station after taking care of Jim. Inside the shelter, there was only one person. I put my stuff down next to me and fell asleep for about half an hour. I was woken up around 10:12 by a bunch of people. I wasn't alone anymore. The train pulled up at 10:25 AM. I walked on with Jim. The conductor placed me in "disability seating". When the train started moving, I felt like I was going to fall over so I asked the conductor if I can move. He sort of protested, but moved me anyway. When I found a seat, there was a woman who confronted us about Jim. 

Convo -

Woman: I am very afraid of dogs.
Conductor: Mam, it's alright, that's a seeing eye dog. He wont hurt you.
Woman: I know, but I am still very afraid of dogs. So I will move.

My thoughts screamed GOOD RIDENCE!! I mean, c'mon, I can't please everyone and I have a right to be comfortable on the train. So that was dog discrimination numero uno... I arrived in Chicago only to meet Adam at Ogalvie after being told he wouldn't be there for another 40 minutes. He called my name just as I was about to descend the stairs. I talked to him about where we need to go. I went to the CVS that was near the station. Blistex chapstick, cough drops, Sudafed, and an all day CTA pass were purchased. My deit card was being used. I chose to get money back, but I typed in the wrong number. I selected "other" and typed in 3, 5 for $35. The cashier gave me back $0.35. She said, "Um, you selected 35 cents." That was my LOL moment of the day. We left and took a CTA bus to the Greyhound station. I stood in line and was called.
Here's the convo for dog discrimination numero dos:

Convo -

Woman (as soon as I stepped up): Mam, did you call?
Me: Call for?
Woman: Call a couple days in advance because of your service dog
Me: No, I didn't know I had to.
Woman: Well you did. We cannot accomodate you if you didn't.
Me: Oh...?
Woman: Where are you going?
Me: Madison, WI
Woman: Time?
Me: I was hoping for the 3 PM bus.
Woman: That one is full. You'll have to call the disability office to help accomodate your needs.
Me: Alright.... I guess...
Woman: No, I'll go check and see if there's a later bus. *checks* There is a later bus at 5:30 PM. Would you like to take it? (with a snappier tone) There are no refunds.
Me: Sure, thanks.
Woman: Fine, that'll be $30.

What the hell?! That was my first ever experience with Greyhound. That lady was a bitch!!!! The website said that I didn't necessarily have to call in advance. All I had to do is show up. I bought my ticket and scadaddled to a seat with Adam. We had some time so we traveled a couple blocks to a pizza place. We devoured a tomato, spinach, and mushroom thin crust pizza and headed back to the station.

Reader, your next thought will be.... perhaps there will be more dog discrimination... Answer: SI, there was plenty.

We found a couple seats. We sat for a bit and talked. I had to go to the bathroom. I took Jim with me. As I was walking in, a woman was walking out. She saw Jim and stopped dead, gasped, and wouldn't move. Argh! So I told her it was OK and that she can go ahead. She finally moved her stupid feet. I walked into the bathroom and somehow managed to get Jim and myself into a regular sized stall. The handicapped one was occupied. Then, suckishly, the lock on the door wouldn't lock. F*ck... I made Jim lie down and moved the stall door over his back. He stepped backwards and I followed after him. We made our way to the sink to get out of the way of others. A woman stepped out of a stall, took one look at Jim, and screamed. She actually screamed. Like...ughahhh!!!! for what seemed like a good 40 seconds. I was like... WHAT THE HELL!!!! I almost blew up in front of her. I stared at her straight in the eye and almost bitched her out. Then I looked down at Jim who was obviously distressed. So I gave the woman the dirtiest look and walked out. I sat back down next to Adam and comforted Jim. Poor dog was shaking... I saw the lady walk past me. Her group was sitting against the wall in front of me and to the right slightly. I wanted to walk over there and scream at her. But then, I heard her laughing and telling her "peeps" about how Jim scared her and how she screamed. What a dousche.... Not long after that, I went outside to feed and break Jim. We had some issues with that, but it happened none the less. Adam was worried about me so he went and bought my meds for the bronchitis that still raged inside of me forcing me to cough my lungs out. He was gone for half an hour as I fell in and out of sleep. I was so tired. He came back and we waited in line for what seemed to be eternity. We stood in line from 5:15 PM onward and didn't load the bus until 6:15 PM. A girl in front of me dropped her bag which almost landed on Jim. *sigh* what the f*ck.......!!!!!!!!!! I was overly pissed by then. The entire day had been waiting and waiting and more waiting and evil people. Adam gave me a hug and he left. I boarded the bus. It was practically empty. I took Jim's handle off to make him more comfortable. I failed to notice his busy bag holder fell off. Damn it... it was cute... it was black and had skull and crossbones all over it... My mother had gotten it for me. The ride took four hours. I didn't arrive in Madison until 10:30. There were three stops. At everyone someone had to say something about Jim. It royally pissed me off. I waited at the bus depot by myself. Even the driver had left to get some coffee or something... He returned asking me if anyone was coming to get me. I said yes and right then my friend showed up with her boyfriend. We walked four blocks to her dorm. I met her roomie and Jim spazed out on a huge blue pillow. We hung out in the den for a little bit and watched Hitch. My friend fell asleep with her boy and I tied Jim there and left to go to the den. I hung out with her roomie and we both returned to her room. Roomie got ready for bed. I went into the stairwell to talk to Adam. I felt so third wheelish. It wasn't new for my friend to make me feel this way. They had only started dating a week before I got there. Why couldn't I be the only one she hung out with for the weekend? I fell asleep around 3.

Saturday Nov. 22

It was badger game day. I woke up around 10 ish. My friend and I went downstairs to take showers. I like the setup for the showers. We have curtains. They had doors. I like having a door much better than a curtain... I came back, fed, and took Jim out. We went out for breakfast. I ate some french toast, potato rounds, a bite of cake, peaches, and a donut that was saved for later. I think I am the only person who had rootbeer for breakfast. We hung out in the room for a bit. Stein's boy finally left to take a shower. I got to talk to her for a bit. He came back and we all walked to the game. The walk took a long time. It was really far. I was a little irked that her boy had to join us. Last night someone was selling their ticket and she had to say yes. We got to the stadium and found our places in the stands. The game started and the weather was alright. UW was losing for a long time. Andy (boy) was all into the game. I found myself shoved into the back. I was the fifth wheel. Stein's bro had his friend and she had her boy. Talk about awkward. The game ended finally. It was three hours long! Not to mention, we froze our asses off! Stein's mother picked us up. We put my stuff in the back and went to Famous Dave's for dinner. We dropped Stein off and were on our way back to CL. Jim was fine for some of the ride. Near the end he decided he wanted to hop up and lie on the seat. Fortunately, there was enough room in the van. I was in the front talking to Stein's mom. I got home fairly late... maybe 10 PM. I was so tired, but I did some reading and went to bed.

Sunday Nov. 23

I didn't do much. Kelsey came to pick me up around 7:30. My family was home by then. I arrived at NIU and hung out with Sarah's new roomie. It was fun. *smile*

Monday Nov. 24

I got up really late. I went to Braille class. I found out that I was doing alright. We did our slate and stylus proficiency. I later found out that I got 24 characters the first time around and 23 the second time around. Not to mention, my reading speed by sight is 48 words per minute and by touch it is 31 words per minute. So I was pretty well off. I didn't go to English.... *frown* I know, I am behind... again. damn it..

Tuesday Nov. 25

I was planning on going to MUSC 220. I did chores instead. I went to health services to get my blood drawn. It didn't hurt as much as it did last year. Perhaps this lady was more gentle. Although, we had issues with my veins. I was stuck more than once or she moved the needle a lot. Kelsey took us home around 4 PM. I didn't do much. Adam kinda pissed me off. He said he was going to be home around 7 or 8. Yet I saw him online at 6. He said he was leaving and then I texted him and he said he was on the el past 7. What the heck? He told me 7 or 8 and ends up coming at 9. Talk about being led on. He does this a lot to me. He brings me up and then sets me back. I don't think he notices... Which is very annoying. Never the less, he took me to see Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa. It was cute. We came back to my house and hung out for a bit. He left around 1:30 AM.

Wednesday Nov. 26

I called Adam thinking we'd be doing something. But ended up doing nothing. He wanted to hang out with his family. That's OK with me, but don't say maybe we can do something tomorrow and then blow me off. I figured, he has all of Thursday to spend with his family. I spent the entirity of the day alone. Again.

Thursday Nov. 27

It was Thanksgiving! I was forced up bright and early. My parents were planning on leaving around 9 AM but we didn't leave until 11:30. We arrived in Rosemont around noon thirty. Only a couple cars were there. However, everyone showed up except for my older cousins. Charlie was in Kentucky, Brian in Turkey, David in Arkansas, Carl in Indiana, and Allison in Cali. Sad day... Thanksgiving seemed to be dying slowly. I found out that my Uncle Bob is very sick. He showed up and looked like crap. Poor guy, I've never seen him so upset. He has fluid in his lungs and it was draining into his legs. I also found out that a guy asked my sister out on a date. Her first date!!!! FREAK OUT!!! I got one plate of food because I was swatted away from seconds by my parents. I was antagonized because of my weight. *sigh* Thanks for causing hell. The kids wouldn't leave Jim alone. Poor thing had kids all over him. I told them to leave him alone an obscene amount of times. Korean kids don't listen. PERIOD. We came home at 11:30 PM. Ew... I was instructed to sleep because of the upcoming Black Friday shopping spree in 4 hours.

Friday Nov. 28

I was woken up by my phone screaming at me. Ugh - I dragged myself out of bed. Jim was still asleep. It was 3:15 AM. I woke my sister up. She refused. So I went back and laid in my bed and started texting her like crazy. Finally, furious, she woke up. Hehe - yay me. Adam called to say he was coming around 4. Ew....... My sister and I got into the van. Adam's mom greeted us. We headed to Walmart. It was packed in there. We ran into Emma. Yay Emma!!! My sister and I purchased a vacuum, toys, and a GPS system for my parents. I also purchased Rush Hour 2 for myself. We made other stops at Best Buy, Office Depot, Target, and other places. Adam's mom dropped us off at my house at 9 AM. Plenty of time to hang out. We hung out for a bit and then had my sister drive us to Adam's house to get his car. Adam and I drove to Office Depot and bought a 4 GB memory card for my camera. We ate at Portillo's. Mmmm.... Big beef with hot and sweet peppers. ... I bought green tea mints at the Vitamin shoppe. We hung out at my house. Adam went home around 3:25. I hung out with my dogs until he came back. We went to Culver's to visit Britton. Diana, Stein, Joanna, Emma, and a lot of others showed up. Sarah gave me some mouth a couple times. We all went to the lighting of the town in Woodstock. However, Stein couldn't find parking so we went to the nearby Walmart. We came back and found parking. Sarah had yelled at me so I was a little pissed off. We went to Joanna's. Adam went to get his car first. I rode with Stein and we talked. I told her everything I was feeling and such about the Andy situation. We were sitting in front of Joanna's house for a good 45 minutes. We went inside and talked and laughed and didn't leave Joanna's until 11:30 PM. Adam drove Britton back to Culver's to get the car. Stein drove me home. I stayed up waiting for Adam's call for plans on Saturday. We were going to see Wicked in Chicago.



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