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Saturday Nov. 29

I wandered my house alone. My sister was out. She never told me about her date with Matt. I've been curious and I'm even more curious. My parents were working or out and I was online. My father went to pick Adam up around 1:45 PM and rushed to come get Jim and I. I busied Jim and we were off to the train station. We got there just in time and got on the train. No problems there. Jim was just fine. We found a seat that flipped to face the disability seating. More feet room and space for JIm and a regular seat that doesn't make me feel like I'm going *TIMBER!!!*. The train ride was pretty peaceful, but packed. That's what I expected on a 2 PM Saturday train. A lady with her husband came and sat in the vacant single seat closest to Jim. She was really nice about it. She said as long as Jim is comfortable she is fine. Great! I love nice people. The nice lady had moved because there was space. There was a stop and a lady with a bunch of bags came into our car. She saw the seat and just stared. The nice woman was watching as well I guess and offered to sit next to Jim for the rest of the ride. The bag lady looked relieved. *sigh* He's a GUIDE dog!!! No harm... the most he'll do is SNIFF. That involves his NOSE, not his teeth! We finally arrived in Chicago. Adam and I had slight difficulties figuring out where we wanted to eat. We walked to the theatre district and decided on Giardano's. The walk was brisk and the air burned my lungs. But it felt good to walk in the city. I told Adam again and again he needs to tell me where we are going and the turns and whatnot. He kept forgetting. *sigh* I don't blame him but he has to remember that I have to direct Jim. I wish people understand that when dog handling is involved. I have to play a leader role not a follower. We arrived at our scrumptious goodies destination. After walking in, I told Adam to ask the hostess for a table instead of a booth, the hostess took a look at Jim and said, "Mam, we will have to seat you somewhere else because of the dog." I protested with, "He's a working dog. Why can't you just seat us at a table?" She responded with, "He will be near the food." ARG!! I pointed to a table and got her to seat us but it was away from all the other Italian dish eaters and near the door. I am determined to go to every place in Chicago that says no dogs and involves food and demand that I get a seat with other people. Trust me, it's tempting... It took them a long time to get us our pizza, but they made it a deep dish pizza instead of a thin crust. Adam didn't notice so I pretended I didn't either. Eating at Giardano's reminded me of my senior year when we went to see Pirate Queen with the Fine Arts department and ate there. It was 9 girls and my choir director. Ah, blissful memories... ROFL. *grin* I was ready to get out of there after eating my fill of sausage, onion, mushroom, and other veggie pizza. It was good, but the discrimination that I experienced at the beginning really irked me. We stepped out into the cold at 6:15 PM. A group of youths sauntered past me. One of them stooped down and pet Jim and just walked away. I yelled irritably after him, "Don't pet my dog please!" Course, I didn't see his face, but if he was laughing I would've ripped his throat out. We walked towards the Oriental Theatre. I had to stop at a McDonald's to feed Jim. More discrimination happened there...

Here's what happened ~

I walk into McDonald's and immediately an employee confronts me and says, " Mam, you can't have your dog in here." I respond with, "He is a working dog. He's allowed in here." Mr. employee gives me a look and asks, "Is there anything you need?" I said, "Yes, where are the restrooms?" He pointed to the door that was right next to me and said, "there is the accessible restroom. I'll go get the key." He runs and gets the key and opens it for me. I didn't have a bowl or anything so I ended up feeding Jim on a bunch of paper towels. They had refused giving a bowl to me. ARG!!! Frustration... Time for Sarah to buy collapsible bowls from a pet store... I walked out of McDonald's pissed off because Adam was no where to be found and he later found me and gave me a bowl. Why didn't they give me a bowl but gave him one? Bah - stupid.... Whatever, Jim was fed.

We continued our walk and finally got to the theatre. Nothing was going on so we went into Borders which was right next door. Adam and I hung out there until 7 PM. We were in front of the Oriental by 7:10. There were a ton of people. Jim was so crowded. I felt bad for him. Pictures were taken and the doors were finally opened. Adam had gone to get the tickets. We both walked in. The greeter was such a nice woman. She told us where all the accessible bathrooms where and everything was wonderful. What a great lady. We need more of those in the world... I couldn't help but smile when she exclaimed, "Ohhh!! We have a lovely pooch joining us today!" Adam and I walked down to where the bathroom was. I gave Jim some water and we went to our seats. The usher seated us in row V when we were row Y. We sat on the end. Lucky us because I had Jim with me. He had enough room. *smile* I was skimming the program and saw that one of my trumpet mentors from high school was in the pit orchestra!!! Holy SHIT  - awesomeness!!!

The overture started with a surprising bold note that made my mouth drop. I was told that every piece should always start with an unforgettable note. It should be something I wont forget. For the most part, I enjoyed the show.

Thoughts ~

Elphaba - Her voice was kind of bubbly and not bold enough, she lacked on her acting a bit.
Glinda - Awesome actress. Her voice was pretty good too. I enjoyed her performance. She's kind of a spazz.
Morrible - Good, didn't like her singing too much, but bearable.
Fiyero - same guy from 2006 when I last saw it. But he changed. Kind of pissed me off... *sigh* Still a hottie though.
Dillamond - His bah-ing was good... *smile* However, his singing was very abrupt and staccato.
Nessarose - She would've done better as Elphaba possibly. Her voice was very strong.
Boq - He was alright. I was a little disappointed.

Like I said, overall I really liked it. I just wish Fiyero didn't sing differently and didn't try to change some of his melodies. Elphaba and Glinda's harmonies were changed as well for a lasting effect I guess. They were more dissonant. *shrug* After the finale, the entire cast stayed on the stage and Fiyero AKA Kristopher started talking about charities and donations. I really wanted a backstage tour. But I didn't want to stay any later than I had to. Perhaps I will go to "Behind the Emerald Curtain" and see the backstage for $25 on some Tuesday during winter break.

Adam, Jim, and I walked to the giant Christmas tree on state and deerbourne. We took a bunch of pictures. Then we walked back to Ogalvie and hung out and then boarded our train. Adam was sleepy the entire ride. It was 2 AM when we got back to CL. I went to bed around 2:30 AM.

Sunday Nov. 30

I woke up and everyone was gone. It was 12:15 PM when I was fully functioning. Sarah called me to tell me that there was a big snow storm coming and she offered me a ride back to NIU. Adam brought his sister to see Jim and to drop off the LCD TV his mother was no longer using. She bought a 19 inch one at the Walmart sale on Black Friday. Good for me... Now I can watch Rush Hour 2 and Rocky Horror Picture Show on my new little TV. *smile* I got to NIU and found out the little TV is a full 5 inches smaller than my big huge tube TV. I put my big TV in the closet. I will take it home It is bigger, but hell, space is important to me right now. I was supposed to go to recitals to write concert reports. The snow kept me indoors. I didn't go anywhere. I just set up my TV. I ended up hanging out with Sarah and her roomie for a little bit. We ordered pizza. I got back to my room late. I didn't do much for the rest of the night.

Monday Dec. 1

Happy December 1st! Who would've thought we'd have a white December? Snow doesn't usually come until the middle or the end of the month. We rarely had a white Christmas. I thought I'd get more accomplished but I was lazy. I went to Braille and we just went over final stuff. My final is on Wednesday and Saturday. EW! I found out that I got only 2 errors on my parallel assignment so I have a homework average of 90%. YAY! KUDOS TO ME! Wow - I don't remember doing this well in any class. I skipped English again. I know... I'm pretty F*cked for that class as well as MUSC. My goal is to get myself out of the hole. I didn't do much but was up until 4:25 AM.

That's what my weekend was like.


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