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It's dreadful to even say the word.... No wonder the cough attacks take ten minutes.... *sigh*

Did I mention my all time favorite cold medication is Sudafed? I was talking about apples and other fruit for over an hour and a half. Barb was dying of laughter and told me about this little episode later.

Secondly, my father was tired of me going over the amount of texts I have per month. I only had 400. That includes me sending and receiving... Not to mention, my sister was texting people when she didn't even have texts at all and racked up some money. So now, the three of us share UNLIMITED text messaging. This is awesome! I can text whoever I want for as long as I want! No worries about if I am sending too many. No consistent checking of how many I have left... Amazing... 

Thirdly, I have my eye on the Samsung Behold. An amazing phone for an amazing amount of texting. Now I don't have to change my plan at all. Hmm... How to acquire this phone... I haven't the slightest.... But doesn't a 5.0 megapixel camera with flash on a cellie sound appealing to you?

Oh - I'm leaving for Madison in 5 hours. Here's how it goes when it comes to transportation and my ridiculous amount of travel.

~ Andrea comes to get me at 8:30 AM and she drives me to Elburn.
~ I take a 9:25 AM train which arrives in Chicago at 10:47 AM if it's ontime.
~ I wait around and spend time with Adam. We lunch and he gets me to the greyhound bus using CTA.
~ 3 PM - Take the Greyhound to Madison.
~ Arrive in Madison at 7 PM

Don't tell me it's not crazy... I know it is... Yeah, not to mention, there is a ton of drama going on. Oh jeez... I will deal and write about it when it happens.

Toodles - I guess sleeping would be smart, right?


Nov. 7th, 2008 01:46 pm
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I woke up this morning feeling even worse than I did yesterday. Although I don't feel as feverish. Perhaps laughing with my friends will help me get over the sickness. I'm going home today. I will try to write as much as I possibly can for my english papers. I want to catch up and not be behind. It would be great if I was even offered a C. God only knows I need that C in english to stay at NIU. Sarah and I are not fighting anymore. We're over it. But I still feel like I was right. (Perhaps all chicks feel that way in any situation.) But in this one, I had more of a right to be angry. It doesn't matter though. We are finished with the incident on Wednesday. I'll be in a car with Kelsey and Sarah in half an hour.

Oh, and Adam informed me that Wal-Mart is having a sale on laptops and other electronics. They are offering a Compaq laptop for $298. It's not bad and it's similar to my dell computer. I've just had bad experiences with Compaqs. Perhaps it was because it was running with Windows ME. I hated ME so much. The computer was flooded with viruses. Anyway, yay or nay on the compaq?

I'm going to get ready to leave. I'll post later!
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You'd think because of Jim's ear infection, he'd be in a worse off situation than I. Well, I consider him lucky. He is soundly sleeping on his rug and snoring like a bullfrog. I, on the other hand, am suffering from a fever, congestion, and my ears, eyes, nose, and throat don't work properly. I ache everywhere.... What the heck!!! I was supposed to be better so I could work on my papers for english and catch up!!! The one time I am motivated, I get another set back like a severe cold. *sigh* You have no idea how ticked off I am... *cry*
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I'm sick yet again. How sucky is life.... I have a head cold, I believe... My nose is closed and I can barely breathe.... My throat is scratchy and my breath is short. My eyes feel like they are going to fall out. I hope I get get over this soon. I have an english class to save.


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