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Yeah, you'd think I'd be sick of writing. Why can't research papers be like blogging? I'd have 10 pages down pat in like 3 hours. I'm in a hole, yes. But I think I can stay here if I work my ass off for the remaining week I am here. Maybe then I wont have to move all my shit out. I am so extremely nervous. Gag - I'm a horrible person. I'm all talk and no action. When am I going to fix that?

I bought a capo for my guitar. It's surprisingly easier than I thought it would be to use. It's fun to change the key to everything I play. *smile*

Today was dull due to my late rising at 2:15 PM. Stupid me... I could've accomplished a lot more. I was already late for class so I didn't go. I think the teacher pretty much hates my guts. I need to email him. Ah well... I had dinner with Sarah and Z, a girl I met through Sarah. We had an interesting conversation.

I am also thinking about a lot of other things. I need to get a grip before this semester is over.
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I can't stop listening to Coldplay. I haven't the slightest on why Coldplay seems so appropriate for rainy days. It's supposed to be rainy here for the rest of this week. Oh joy... I have so much to do yet. Tomorrow is a busier day. Yay for conferences and visits to the music building and health services... Kudos to me for trying...

Now I'm worried about my music grade.. I'll deal though. Pull through is what I'll do. Chin up, eh?


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