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I'm unconscious as I write this post. I fell asleep around 7 hours ago. Let me tell you, sharing a twin size bed with someone when it's meant for only one person, really kills my back and my neck. It was still semi-comfortable, I suppose. My desktop computer is now slower due to a virus that was found. Boo to viruses.. But now after attempting to fix the virus problem, the computer equals to crap. This laptop seems to have stuff wrong with it too. Bah - I get what I payed for, but didn't think it would be suckage.

I'm doing bootie training with Jim everyday for about 10-15 minutes per day since Thursday. He doesn't exactly love it, but he'd getting used to the boots. On the other paw, I started his ear treatment yesterday. He's not shaking as badly so I know it's working. I have to take him out and medicate his ear. He's already been fed once this morning at around 10:30. Yay me.. It's more routine now.. I know, I'm a bad person. I try my best to keep things routine for my pup even with being sick and all. Eee, I forgot to add, this ear stuff is purple! I know it's all natural, but thank God Jim is a black dog. It would be ridiculous if the right side of his head was purple for a month or so...

Today is the day of many accomplishments. Bah - firstly, does anyone know how to make it so Zommtext will follow my cursor as I type? It would make things so much easier... I've already put some masking tape on numbers 1, 5, and 0 for this particular keyboard. I was never good at finding them without a marker and would have to smush my face into the laptop. Mwahahaha! Be gone face smushing!!!

Acquired agenda from 2 seconds ago:
~ Brunch
~ Lunch (Haha) with Christy and Janis at Pizza Villa, an establishment that I've never been to.
~ Hangage with Mr. Boy
~ Tidy room
~ Laundry
~ Braille homework
~ Revise english outline and start exploratory essay
*Outline due: Tuesday* *Essay due: Friday*
~ ULTIMATE GOAL = Actually sleep

When do I have time to be emo? Not today, at least... I wrote a list for tomorrow too.

Overall, I just want to stay productive until the end of semester which is in 3 weeks.


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