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Me Updates:
~ English prof is a nice guy and giving me extra time.
~ Bought a new wireless mouse to use for laptop AND desktop. (Trackball mice are ridiculous and should be discontinued.)
~ I have to battle my music prof to be able to take the test that I couldn't take Tuesday.
~ I need to go to the library because I need 5 book sources. I have a lot of sources, but they are not from books.
~ I will be leaving for Madison next Friday. Kind of excited.... Then again, not so much..
~ I'm tired... Weird... Yes, I'm always tired, but not always at this hour. I need to get my sleep schedule straightened out. Perhaps I should introduce myself to Melatonin to help me fall asleep at an appropriate hour.
~ I think I am having another allergic reaction to something. Time to take my meds and hope I don't break out in hives for a second time.
~ Love Portillo's more than ever... Had the best Big Italian beef ever...
~ I really want to try out a JORDY... But I don't know where I could get one. I don't have the money to buy one and DRS has not responded to getting me one.
~ I was offered a room in an apartment with a girl from my English class. It's $330 a month with all the utilities included. Not to mention, this chick as a car. This would be effective for the fall of 09. It depends on what I hear from the disability housing though.

Jim updates:
~ Food change in effect now... I'm mixing Iams with Purina One Chicken and Rice. Change started on Tuesday night... Tomorrow will be his last mix of foods. He's so far fine with it. From what I've heard, Iams is not so good anymore.
~ New booties were bought yesterday (Thursday)... They could be a size too small.... But the school told me to buy mediums.... Bah - confused... Perhaps I should go back again and talk to the lady at the store...
~ Got a massage from yours truly.
~ I made him a Dogbook profile via Facebook. It's adorable...
~ Got a bath this past weekend... Everyone has been saying how fluffy he looks.
~ Pedi-paws was purchased over the past weekend as well. I tried it out with Jim when Alicia let me borrow hers. It worked well so I bought one myself. Jim needs to get used to it more.. He'll be fine in a couple weeks.
~ Ear treatment stuff is finally here... I'm going to call the company and bitch about why it took them so long and demand a refund or at least money back for one of the two bottles that I bought.
~ Took the sign off harness... It's actually very distracting for me because it's not firmly in one place. I wish there were vests that say "Don't pet!" on them so I don't have to worry about the stupid harness handle thing.


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