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It's been awhile.... a week perhaps?

Various things are on my mind.

Firstly, I'm behind yet again when it comes to schoolwork. Life can't always go my way I guess. I hate that I am smarter than myself sometimes and make excuses not to get back to the top. I think all my classes are OK except for english. I know I'm probably failing that class right now. I have a C in TLSE 240 because of a paper that I didn't turn in. I think I am pulling a B in Braille and a C in MUSC 220. It depends on how I did on the test and my concert report. Ugh - I should write a list of To-Do's here.

TLSE 240: - Reading quiz (Due Wednesday Oct. 29)
- Assignment 2 (was due Oct. 8)
ENGL 104: - Summary Essay (was due Sept. 20-something)
- Rhetorical analysis (was due Oct. 17)
- Topic Proposal (was due Oct. 17)
TLSE 470: - 2 Brailling assignments which are a piece of cake (due Wednesday Oct 29)
MUSC 220: - Listening (Tuesday) - Reading (Tuesday)

It's not impossible to get all of this done. If I work at it, I can get everything done by Wednesday or Thursday. I think I have to revise my strategies for living and organizing my life. I know I can do this.... I just don't want to fail out of school. Right now, that's what it's looking like.

I'm still looking at laptops for classes. I thought about it and still want a Macbook. Ugh - I hate it..

Secondly, there is a guitar that I really want. It's currently at Axe In Hand here near NIU. It's a great acoustic that is small and amazing. However, I already have a guitar. It was a gift from my parents on my 16th birthday. It is also too big. *sigh* I'm just struggling with decisions.

My hair is getting long. It's past my shoulders now. I kind of want to dye it a unique color. But I'm not sure how people will handle it.

There are other thoughts. So I think I may start a different entry for these other thoughts.


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