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I'm unconscious as I write this post. I fell asleep around 7 hours ago. Let me tell you, sharing a twin size bed with someone when it's meant for only one person, really kills my back and my neck. It was still semi-comfortable, I suppose. My desktop computer is now slower due to a virus that was found. Boo to viruses.. But now after attempting to fix the virus problem, the computer equals to crap. This laptop seems to have stuff wrong with it too. Bah - I get what I payed for, but didn't think it would be suckage.

I'm doing bootie training with Jim everyday for about 10-15 minutes per day since Thursday. He doesn't exactly love it, but he'd getting used to the boots. On the other paw, I started his ear treatment yesterday. He's not shaking as badly so I know it's working. I have to take him out and medicate his ear. He's already been fed once this morning at around 10:30. Yay me.. It's more routine now.. I know, I'm a bad person. I try my best to keep things routine for my pup even with being sick and all. Eee, I forgot to add, this ear stuff is purple! I know it's all natural, but thank God Jim is a black dog. It would be ridiculous if the right side of his head was purple for a month or so...

Today is the day of many accomplishments. Bah - firstly, does anyone know how to make it so Zommtext will follow my cursor as I type? It would make things so much easier... I've already put some masking tape on numbers 1, 5, and 0 for this particular keyboard. I was never good at finding them without a marker and would have to smush my face into the laptop. Mwahahaha! Be gone face smushing!!!

Acquired agenda from 2 seconds ago:
~ Brunch
~ Lunch (Haha) with Christy and Janis at Pizza Villa, an establishment that I've never been to.
~ Hangage with Mr. Boy
~ Tidy room
~ Laundry
~ Braille homework
~ Revise english outline and start exploratory essay
*Outline due: Tuesday* *Essay due: Friday*
~ ULTIMATE GOAL = Actually sleep

When do I have time to be emo? Not today, at least... I wrote a list for tomorrow too.

Overall, I just want to stay productive until the end of semester which is in 3 weeks.


Nov. 7th, 2008 01:46 pm
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I woke up this morning feeling even worse than I did yesterday. Although I don't feel as feverish. Perhaps laughing with my friends will help me get over the sickness. I'm going home today. I will try to write as much as I possibly can for my english papers. I want to catch up and not be behind. It would be great if I was even offered a C. God only knows I need that C in english to stay at NIU. Sarah and I are not fighting anymore. We're over it. But I still feel like I was right. (Perhaps all chicks feel that way in any situation.) But in this one, I had more of a right to be angry. It doesn't matter though. We are finished with the incident on Wednesday. I'll be in a car with Kelsey and Sarah in half an hour.

Oh, and Adam informed me that Wal-Mart is having a sale on laptops and other electronics. They are offering a Compaq laptop for $298. It's not bad and it's similar to my dell computer. I've just had bad experiences with Compaqs. Perhaps it was because it was running with Windows ME. I hated ME so much. The computer was flooded with viruses. Anyway, yay or nay on the compaq?

I'm going to get ready to leave. I'll post later!
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It's been awhile.... a week perhaps?

Various things are on my mind.

Firstly, I'm behind yet again when it comes to schoolwork. Life can't always go my way I guess. I hate that I am smarter than myself sometimes and make excuses not to get back to the top. I think all my classes are OK except for english. I know I'm probably failing that class right now. I have a C in TLSE 240 because of a paper that I didn't turn in. I think I am pulling a B in Braille and a C in MUSC 220. It depends on how I did on the test and my concert report. Ugh - I should write a list of To-Do's here.

TLSE 240: - Reading quiz (Due Wednesday Oct. 29)
- Assignment 2 (was due Oct. 8)
ENGL 104: - Summary Essay (was due Sept. 20-something)
- Rhetorical analysis (was due Oct. 17)
- Topic Proposal (was due Oct. 17)
TLSE 470: - 2 Brailling assignments which are a piece of cake (due Wednesday Oct 29)
MUSC 220: - Listening (Tuesday) - Reading (Tuesday)

It's not impossible to get all of this done. If I work at it, I can get everything done by Wednesday or Thursday. I think I have to revise my strategies for living and organizing my life. I know I can do this.... I just don't want to fail out of school. Right now, that's what it's looking like.

I'm still looking at laptops for classes. I thought about it and still want a Macbook. Ugh - I hate it..

Secondly, there is a guitar that I really want. It's currently at Axe In Hand here near NIU. It's a great acoustic that is small and amazing. However, I already have a guitar. It was a gift from my parents on my 16th birthday. It is also too big. *sigh* I'm just struggling with decisions.

My hair is getting long. It's past my shoulders now. I kind of want to dye it a unique color. But I'm not sure how people will handle it.

There are other thoughts. So I think I may start a different entry for these other thoughts.


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