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This is a rather interesting article I found on Yahoo News. Turtles are important and I love them, but look at all of the animals that have already perished. Also, notice the people who were ruined and those who have died.I really wish i could go out there and help with the oil spill.

There really isn't much going on here. My portfolio is due in aproximately one week and one day. I need to go speak to someone about questions I have pertaining to my portfolio. There are 6 items that must be complete and turned in. I'm nervous, not gonna lie. More than likely, some kind of bullshit is going to happen and the fall will be hellish.

Statistics is going OK. My first exam wasn't the best, but I am seeking additional help from my professor. My goal has not changed. I plan on getting a C or better in the course. Once I have the money next week, I need to order my transcript for August and have it ready so I can send it to NIU. I actually enjoy my professor. He's funny and takes the time to make sure that his students understand the material. He also is genuinely human. The majority of the math professors I encounter have ridiculous teaching methods. This professor makes it known that he gets distracted too and that this is the reason why we need to stay focused. I like people who can admit that they share the same problems. This is especially empowering to a student.

My ankle is still angry with me. i don't have money for a brace and walking is rather difficult. However, I need to get things done. Sitting and wasting my day away is not how I want to run my summer. My ankle is not going to stop me from doing what I need to get done.

I've also decided I'm not allowing myself to ignore LJ while I'm busy during the summer. The last time I wrote before yesterday was April. I missed you, LJ and our relationship needs to grow!

Alright, portfolio time!


So I guess I lied. I did write a couple entries in May. Also, it's my mom's birthday today. Gotta make sure I call her. As I am rereading my writing, I wanted to say that I reapplied to NIU, my computer is broken, and my birthday did not suck.

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