Feb. 6th, 2010


Feb. 6th, 2010 03:55 am
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It's all over the news, but apparently there is a hazing investigation going on for Prairie Ridge High School. My sister is a senior there now. I graduated in 2007. It's just incredible how these things happen. The media is sucking this up and spitting it out. I am so angry that this happened. Hazing is just so... Gr.. I am ashamed to say that the students involved in this incident attend my former high school.
Here is the article.
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As soon as I got off the train I walked to a shelter and turned on the heat. Not long after, a man came and placed his things on the ground. He started to place one of his hands as another man entered the shelter. I told Jim to "knock it off" hoping the man would get the hint. The other man said, "Man, don't you know better than to touch a blind person's dog?" The guy reaching to pet Jim withdrew his hand and said, "I was just letting him sniff me." The other man replied, "You never pet those dogs. I learned the hard way. I pet this one blind man's dog and he screamed and cussed at me. "You mother fucker should never pet my mother fucking dog. You should fucking know better." I wish that man was able to see because I was flippin' him off." I chimed in, "not all blind people are like that though." The man said, "Oh I know mam. I didn't say it was you."
He proceeded to talk about how the weekend pass for the Metra had risen from $5 to $7. My father pulled up. I bid both men good night and walked away.


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